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Simon Andriesen
Simon Andriesen is managing director of The Netherlands-based MediLingua, specializing in the localization of medical technology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, clinical trial and health-related information. He also manages Leesbaarheidstest.nl, which is a company specializing in readability testing of patient information, and coordinates and teaches a series of courses on medical and pharmaceutical translation. He has been part of the localization community since 1980 and was a founding member of INK, one of the first localization firms in Europe. Simon is a member of the advisory board of the Medical Round Table of Localization World conferences.
Andrea Ballista
Andrea Ballista has worked in entertainment localization for more than 15 years and is one of the founders and partners of Binari Sonori. Pioneer in the support of multilingual localization for simship, he has been responsible for the localization of a host of popular games.
  Michaela Bartelt
Michaela Bartelt started in the game industry as a German translator ten years ago. She is now the general manager for territory localization for Electronic Arts Europe and Asia. She has been either directly involved in or managing teams working on the localization of all major EA franchises such as FIFA, Need for Speed and The Sims.
Renato Beninatto
Renato Beninatto is the chief connector at Common Sense Advisory, a market research and consulting company specializing in the language services industry. Renato has over a quarter-century of executive-level experience in the localization industry and since 2002 has been conducting research and leading the consulting practice of Common Sense Advisory.
Miguel Bernal
Miguel Bernal is one of the few academics who has started raising the issues of game localization and the necessity of doing research into the topic in order to improve overall quality and turnover. He is currently lecturing in media translation in London and working on his Ph.D. in the translation of video games. He has several publications on translation and has has formally introduced game localization within translation studies programs at the two universities he works for in London. Miguel created the L4G mailing list with a view to bring people together to discuss game localization issues. Miguel is a member of the IGDA and cofounder of the Game Localization SIG.
  Seb Berthelsen
Seb Berthelsen has been working in the game localization industry for almost a decade and has participated in the localization of such games such as Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Having performed most tasks within game localization, he is now the production manager for Square Enix in Europe.
Fernando Blasi
Fernando Blasi holds a degree from the University of Venice and has over 15 years in the localization industry, having worked in the United States, Ireland, Continental Europe and the United Kingdom. He is a former employee of Corel Corporation and the World Bank and has managed large-scale multilingual projects for some of the industry's biggest players. He is often involved in consulting activities, designing and influencing processes, assisting in and promoting localization solutions.
Melissa Biggs
Melissa Biggs, senior globalization business manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., has over 12 years of experience in localization management. Melissa has successfully delivered globalization and localization programs driving the growth of globalization at Sun. She led the team which produced and implemented a unique Sun globalization executive mandate defining localization content and globalization requirements for Sun products.
Pierre Blais
A 25-year veteran in the high-tech industry, Pierre Blais began his career as a computer programmer and in 1987 provided dealership management software solutions (ERP) to the automotive industry. In 1993, he joined the automotive software solutions provider Reynolds and Reynolds Company, where he led the Quebec operation and became vice president and general manager of the Canadian subsidiary. In April 2005, Pierre joined MultiCorpora as president and chief executive officer.
Kathleen Bostick
Kathleen Bostick is the vice president of global business at Lionbridge. With more than 13 years' experience in the multilingual services, Kathleen was vice president of North America for SDL International for nine years prior to joining Lionbridge in 2005. Often instrumental in helping companies accelerate time-to-market and increase global market share, Kathleen has expertise in a range of vertical markets, including IT, life sciences, consumer, e-commerce, education and government.
Anna Browne
Anna Browne is the tools and process manager at VistaTEC. Her role makes use of her more than 20 years of experience in product development and engineering services at client and vendor sites. Prior to joining VistaTEC in 2000, Anna worked as a localization tools manager at Symantec. Her development career includes eight years as a C developer on the US West Coast. More recently, her experience includes setting up a quality assurance department for a development company using Agile methods.
Will Burgett
Will Burgett is a localization program manager for Intel Americas, Inc., managing localization strategy and translation automation. He has over 20 years of experience in localization at Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. and Intel in various management roles, including technical publications, human factors engineering, product development and web localization.
Ian Butler
As vice president, Business Development Europe, Jonckers Translation & Engineering, Ian Butler has over 17 years of experience in the localization industry working in a diversity of roles, including senior technical, operational and business development. Prior to Jonckers, Ian established and ran the Global Content and Localization groups at PayPal. He is experienced on both the customer side and the client side with experience developing and implemented localization strategies. Ian earned his MSc in technology management from University College Dublin in 2002, his BSc(hons) in computer applications from Dublin City University in 1998, and formal qualifications in electronics and audio engineering in 1988/89. Ian is a member of TILP.

Karen Combe
As vice president of localization at PTC, Karen Combe is responsible for product localization as well as localization support for global services, technical support and marketing. During the past seven years, she has implemented a complete localization solution for PTC, including an internationalization program, development of localization tools for emerging technologies, effective outsourcing partnerships and the creation of a globally distributed localization testing team. She manages a localization group of 60 people located in the United States, India, China and Japan.
Aiman Copty
Aiman Copty is the general manager for Oracle WPTG, which designs and releases a translation platform that enhances Oracle’s ability to reach the global marketplace for all its products and content. The organization is focused on delivering engineered services that are integrated into the product development cycle, together with language solutions that use a wide network of product specialists and external partners. Aiman started his career at Microsoft, where he held different positions in product development and managed the Microsoft Typography group, delivering font and technology solutions to help expand Microsoft's language offerings. He later took on the role of director of localization for the Windows International group in Dublin. Aiman serves on the advisory board to the Translation Automation User Society, and is member of the ICT Scientific Advisory Committee for Science Foundation Ireland.
Mathieu Cresp
After many entrepreneurial adventures, 13 years ago, Mathieu Cresp discovered the localization industry while living in San Francisco. He joined Autodesk in 2000, where he quickly contributed to changing localization processes for technical publications by promoting and implementing standards and automation wherever possible. Mathieu played a major role in the Idiom WorldServer implementation at Autodesk and is now dedicated to designing and developing new localization processes.
  Dimitrios Dalossis
Dimitrios Dalossis is a manager in the Globalization Organization at Sun Microsystems and brings over seven years of localization experience. The Globalization Organization's charter is to help ensure that all products, programs and solutions in the Software Group within Sun Microsystems are planned, designed, implemented and tested for global readiness and follow a consistent localization model to deliver uniform
user experience.
Zia Daniell Wigder
Zia Daniell Wigder is vice president and senior analyst at JupiterResearch. She focuses on issues of globalization, including language translation, localization and global marketing campaigns. Previously, she directed both the media and the broadband practices at JupiterResearch. Before joining Jupiter in 1998, Wigder worked in strategy consulting where she helped technology companies identify new business opportunities in both developed and developing markets around the globe. She has been frequently quoted in such publications as
The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times and has appeared on numerous television outlets. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a master's degree in international affairs from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.
Joergen Danielsen
Joergen Danielsen is managing director and principal owner of Eule Lokalisierung GmbH, a localization company based in Kiel, Germany. Focusing on the German market, Eule was founded in 2005 and is a certified SAP Translation Partner. Until January 2006, Joergen worked for Lionbridge Technologies in various roles — vice president of eSupport, vice president of process and technology, managing director of Lionbridge Technologies Deutschland GmbH and Logoport GmbH, and head of sales in Continental Europe. In 1983, he founded a translation/localization company that served customers in Germany, Europe, and elsewhere. He sold that company to INTL.com in 1998 and became INTL.com president of enterprise solutions until Lionbridge acquired INTL.com in 2000.
Don DePalma
Donald A. DePalma is an industry analyst, author and corporate strategist with expertise in the business-focused and marketing-focused application of technology. He lectures, writes and is frequently quoted on the topics of online marketing, content management, multicultural marketing, localization, return on investment and website globalization. His book,
Business Without Borders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing, is widely used in universities and in business training courses. Since 2002, Don has led Common Sense Advisory's research into the best practices, technology, and professional services that support business globalization.
Heidi Depraetere
Heidi Depraetere is a director and cofounder of Cross Language n.v., a consulting, system integration, language and translation technologies company based in Belgium. Heidi has more than 15 years' experience in the translation and localization business. She is familiar with the evolution of the industry from CAT tools to the newer globalization technologies, including workflow systems, machine translation and hybrid translation solutions. She has created and worked with international teams from different nationalities throughout Europe and the United States.
Bob Donaldson
As vice president of strategy at McElroy Translation Company, Bob Donaldson is responsible for streamlining processes using technology, thereby delivering services to clients efficiently and innovatively. He also manages McElroy’s Glocal Initiative, developing strategic alliances with like-minded partners worldwide. Bob joined McElroy in early 2007 and has more than 25 years of experience in creative technology application.
  Michael Doody
Michael Doody is director of localization engineering and technology services for Symantec’s Shared Engineering Services group. He is responsible for providing global localization technology solutions and process innovations to enable the delivery of the localized versions of Symantec’s Norton consumer products and Enterprise security solutions in both Europe, Middle East and Asia, and Asia, Pacific and Japan. Michael has lived and worked in Japan and Ireland and has over 12 years of experience in the internationalization and localization industry.
Richard Faubert
Richard Faubert is an eight-year veteran of Cisco Systems. For 17 years prior to Cisco, he worked at ROLM Systems, IBM and Siemens. Having spent the majority of his career in technical support, Richard first became involved in localization in 2001. He is currently active in centralizing Cisco’s localization technology and services. He manages the Cisco Preferred LSP program and is the chairman of the Northern California Idiom WorldServer Users Group. He is a graduate of Washington State University and Monterey Peninsula College.
Daniel Goldschmidt
Daniel Goldschmidt is a software engineer on the Google Internationalization Team. For more than 15 years, Daniel has been engaged in software development. As a professional in the globalization of software and content field, he has extensive experience in the internationalization and localization of large-scale enterprise applications and projects. Prior to joining Google, Daniel worked as a freelance internationalization and localization consultant. He holds a BS in computer sciences and mathematics and a MS in computer sciences, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Hannah Grap
Hannah Grap, marketing communications manager at Language Weaver, joined the company in 2005 as it began to expand its business to meet the needs of commercial customers. Hannah handles Language Weaver's international marketing initiatives and works with strategic partners to develop joint communications. Her background is in marketing and technical communications in the financial services sector. Hannah holds an MS degree in technical communications from the University of Washington.
Martin Guttinger
Martin Guttinger has been manager of translation and localization for Cisco Systems' Voice Technology Group for the past five years. Prior to that, he was globalization manager for Active Voice Corporation. In his current role, Martin is the technical leader of Cisco’s Voice Technology Localization Group, responsible for the internationalization and localization of all of Cisco's Enterprise Voice and Unified Communication applications. He holds a bachelor's degree in modern languages from the Zurich Translator and Interpreter School and a master's degree in business administration in information technology from Jones International University in Centennial, Colorado. Martin has 18 years of experience in the localization industry, both on the vendor and manufacturer side and in technical and managerial roles.
Ulrich Henes
Ulrich Henes is the president of The Localization Institute which he founded in the fall of 1996 because he saw a serious lack of quality training and learning opportunities in this important area. He has been involved with localization, first as an international sales and marketing manager (also serving as a localization manager) for a US software company and then as president of the American office of a British localization agency. He is a co-organizer of the Localization World conferences.
Andres Heuberger
Andres Heuberger is president and founder of ForeignExchange Translations, which provides multilingual compliance solutions to the device and diagnostics industries. In the translation industry since 1991, Andres manages ForeignExchange’s major accounts, implements production systems and technology strategy, and oversees the company’s ISO 900x certification efforts. He regularly writes for European Medical Device Manufacturer, IVD Technology, MX and Software Business.
Philo Holland
Philo Holland is globalization advisor at T-Systems/Deutsche Telekom where he practices fusing globalization and cross-cultural services into one framework using team-driven, centralized localization methodologies. After beginning his career with Apple Corporation Korea, Philo cofounded a multilingual technologies company in San Francisco in 1992; in 1994 he published a multilingual information management solution with Stanford Medical Center followed by a European web-based automobile configurator for Ford in 1996. Philo has been active in the localization industry for nearly two decades holds a BS in international economics.
Fred Hollowood
Fred Hollowood has 20 years’ experience in the localization business both in the publisher and vendor arena. He is currently director for research and deployment language services within Symantec’s global localization department based at the Blanchardstown site in Dublin. He runs a team covering process improvement and language technology research centered on the adaptation of controlled language for machine translation, customer satisfaction studies and data stream processing to assist rule-based machine translation performance in conjunction with Dublin City University.
Andrew Joscelyne
Andrew Joscelyne, writer and consultant for TAUS, has been involved in the European language industry for over 15 years, working as a journalist, consultant, analyst and writer. He has helped coordinate awareness raising projects on language technology for the European Commission; edited trade journals on translation and technology; and carried out market research into automation solutions for various organizations.
Ilia Kaufman
Ilia Kaufman is founder and president of KCSL Inc., a software company that for over 25 years has been creating language technologies such as multilingual spell checking, grammar and search products. Ilia, who received a PhD in systems design from the University of Waterloo, is credited with the publication of a dozen scientific articles and holds three United States patents. His and KCSL’s current focus is the development and implementation of pragmatic computerized machine translation and localization systems.
Mary Laplante
Mary Laplante is vice president and senior analyst at Gilbane Group, the advisory and consulting firm focused solely on content technologies. She is lead analyst in Gilbane’s Content Globalization Practice, where she covers the convergence of content management and translation process management. She works with enterprise adopters, technology vendors and investors who are creating competitive advantage in global markets through value-added application of content technologies. In addition to working with clients on strategies and tactics, Mary manages research projects, contributes editorial content and participates in Gilbane conferences and other industry events. Mary has 23 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting arenas. Prior to joining the Gilbane Group, she was a founding partner in Fastwater LLP, a consulting firm that helped companies take new products to market. From 1996 through 1998, she was a director in the Dynamic Software Strategies Group at CAP Ventures/InfoTrends, a research and consulting firm that tracks markets for document and printing technology. She was the first executive director of the organization now known as OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), serving from 1993 through 1996.
Ivan Lukavsky
Ivan Lukavsky joined Moravia in 1995 as a translator, holding positions as localizer, proofreader and language specialist working on localization projects in the IT sector. In 2000, Ivan joined the Moravia Project Management team and in 2002 took a role as group manager of Moravia’s DTP department. He later became Moravia localization manager, supervising several project managers while still directly managing projects for major customers. Ivan is currently group manager of Moravia’s Business Partner Group, responsible for relationships with Moravia’s in-country partners. Ivan is a graduate of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, with a degree in English language and literature/political sciences.
Filip Majcen
Filip Majcen, a director in the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation in Brussels, is responsible for the recently created editing, web translation and field offices units. Prior to being appointed to this post in 2007, he held management positions in some of the world's leading financial institutions, most recently as head of business development for HSBC Securities Services in Luxembourg. He studied international economic relations and international finance at the University of Ljubljana, graduating in 1989.
Xavier Marchand
Xavier Marchand, COO at JBI, joined the company in 2005 and has contributed to its rapid growth by focusing mainly on the increasing demand for the localization of video-based multimedia products. He has hosted many webinars and training sessions on the production of foreign language audio and video content. Xavier started his career at Savvy 3 in Tokyo, where he helped foreign brands and retailers enter or restructure their operations in the Japanese market. He subsequently worked in luxury brands Dunhill and Chloe (Richmont group) prior to joining JBI in Los Angeles. He holds a BA in engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, a master's in urban planning from Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris, and a master's in engineering from University of Tokyo. He is fluent in French, English and Japanese.
Nic McMahon
Nic McMahon is the vice president and general manager of Jonckers US and has worked in the localization industry for over 12 years. During his career, Nic has held management positions across many different business functions — purchasing, operations, stock, sales and marketing which provides for a unique insight into the general running of Jonckers US. During his time in localization, he has also been lucky enough to have had direct involvement in many of the major acquisitions and technology developments that have helped to shape the overall industry.

Idris Mootee
Idris Mootee is CEO and chief strategist at Idea Couture Inc. and managing partner of IC Ventures. An internationally recognized expert in strategy and innovation, Idris provides insight into disruptive innovation and the future of business. He has over 25 years of experience as a strategy advisor to top global companies and has published four books on business strategy and marketing. Prior to Idea Couture, Idris was senior vice president and chief strategist with Blast Radius; global head of strategy with Organic; chief strategy officer with CBIZ Solutions; president and chief strategist with Live Lowe and Partners; and a consultant at McKinsey.

Gary Muddyman
Gary Muddyman is managing director and CEO of Conversis. He founded Conversis with the idea of advancing the understanding and use of localization and translation as a strategic business tool. Prior to founding Conversis, Gary served as director of operations for K International Plc. He received his master's degree in business administration from Warwick University.
Camilo Muñoz
Camilo Muñoz is the founder and managing director of Translation Source. Prior to Translation Source, Camilo worked as an investment banker for Citibank and Lehman Brothers in New York. He was also co-founder of an e-learning distributor of American college-level coursework in Latin America. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School, an MA in international studies from the Lauder Institute (University of Pennsylvania) and a BS in industrial engineering from the University of Florida. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Sukumar Munshi
Sukumar Munshi is regional manager, solutions and services development for Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. in its Wuppertal office in Germany. Sukumar heads advisory efforts, the development of services and the implementation of innovative technology solutions to leading global customers across Europe. He is responsible for aligning service and technology offerings to help customers reach their business goals and succeed in global markets. Sukumar has long-standing experience in the localization and technical documentation domains.
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray joined VistaTEC in 2000 as the group’s chief financial officer. An industry veteran, he has held a number of key positions within ITP and SDL in both Europe and Asia prior to joining VistaTEC. Thomas was appointed CEO in 2005 after leading the company through a successful management buyout.
John Papaioannou
John Papaioannou is senior localization manager at Bentley Systems. In this role, he manages the localization strategy, business performance, localization vendors and process and technology, and is global liaison for localization and internationalization issues. Previously he was a localization project manager at Bentley, responsible for Bentley Systems' European product localization.
Donna Parrish
Donna Parrish is coorganizer of the Localization World conferences and publisher of the magazine MultiLingual. Prior to her work at MultiLingual Computing, Inc., she was a computer programmer for 25 years. Donna holds a degree in mathematics from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.
Arturo Quintero
Arturo Quintero, co-owner and chief corporate strategist at Moravia Worldwide, is based in the company's corporate headquarters in the Czech Republic and spends extensive periods of time in other Moravia Worldwide locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Currently, Arturo is a member of the board of directors of The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) and helps other nonprofit associations in an advisory role.
Bettina Reichart
Bettina Reichart is the director of Vendor & Language Solutions within Oracle Worldwide Product Translation Group. The team ensures that Oracle product users experience high language usability in their own language — in any of the more than 30 languages Oracle offers.The globally distributed team enables a network of external LSPs to meet local linguistic market requirements and standards. By driving and using the latest language technologies, tools and processes, VLS achieves high quality with short time-to-market and at competitive cost. Bettina has held various localization related positions within Oracle since 1989.
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds is CEO and translation management consultant at TM-Global/ MAart. An Irish national based in Warsaw, Peter holds an BSc and an MBA degree from Open University and is a localization and translation industry veteran. Prior to MAart he worked at Idiom Technologies Inc.(now SDL PLC). As director of the LSP Partner Program at Idiom, Peter was responsible for making its global LSP partners program a successful and innovative venture. Before Idiom he worked on language technology development for global localization companies: Lionbridge, Bowne Global Solutions and Berlitz GlobalNet. While there, he managed the Dublin development team responsible for BerlitzIT, Elcano, Freeway 2.0 technology solutions and internal project and vendor management tools. Peter has been actively involved — in the development and promotion of standards (notably XLIFF) for more than ten years — mostly at OASIS. Until 2008 (when XLIFF was published) he was secretary of the XLIFF Technical Committee at OASIS and chaired the Translation Web Services TC. He is currently involved in OASIS, TILP as well as being the Irish expert to ISO SC2 and SC4 and training auditors for the EN 15038 standard.
Jessica Roland
Jessica Roland manages international product operations (strategy, product management, production and quality) for EMC's Content Management and Archiving division. Her contributions over 9+ years with the company include establishing international product management for better global decision-making, fostering go-to-market globalization technology partnerships, instituting simshipping as a corporate standard for accelerating international revenue, increasing localization production over 1000% and driving re-architecture of localized products to reduce costs and speed time-to-market.
Reinhard Schäler
Reinhard Schäler has been involved in the localization industry in a variety of roles since 1987. He is the founder and editor of
Localisation Focus — The International Journal of Localisation, a founding editor of Journal of Specialised Translation (JosTrans), a former member of the editorial board of MultiLingual (October 97 to January 07, covering 70 issues), a founder and CEO of The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP), a member of the OASIS Technical Committee on the XML-based Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) and the OASIS Technical Committee on Translation Web Services. He joined the International Unicode Conference Committee in 2005 and 2006 coordinating a localization stream for the Unicode Conferences. In 2005, he launched together with Pat Hall the Global Initiative for Local Computing (GILC). He is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) at the University of Limerick (UL), and the founder and director of the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) at UL, established in 1995 as the information, educational, and research center for the localization community.
Clio Schils
Clio Schils joined Lionbridge in July 2007 as operations manager, leading the operations team of the Wuppertal office in Germany. For the previous seven years, she worked for Medtronic, where she was responsible for the localization quality of medical, technical and marketing documentation for the market, working out of the Netherlands office. Clio also works with Localization World as the coordinator and moderator of the Medical Localization Round Table sessions, an initiative of the Localization Institute, Inc. Starting as a translator after her studies in Brussels, Clio gained 20 years of experience in localization project and linguistic management. Prior to her management positions at Medtronic and Lionbridge, she worked as a Greek translator for the Integrated Mediterranean Programs of the European Union in Athens and spent four years in California, working as a freelance translation project manager. Clio holds a master's degree in interpretation in Greek/German/Dutch.
Hubert Schlarb
Hubert Schlarb graduated from the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, in 2003 and holds a diploma in computational linguistics. He worked for euroscript Luxembourg from 2004 until 2006 and joined Siemens A&D PT 6 (as it was then called) in 2006 as member of the Technology/Terminology group. Besides the Machine Translation Pilot project, the scope of his work includes terminology issues, controlled authoring tools and consulting with Siemens-internal customers.
Paula Shannon
As chief sales officer, senior vice president and general manager, Paula (Barbary) Shannon manages the Lionbridge global sales force and strategic account management teams. Paula joined Lionbridge in 1999 as vice president of internet alliances and assumed additional worldwide sales responsibilities in 2001. Prior to joining Lionbridge, she was the chief sales and marketing officer for ALPNET, Inc., now SDL. Paula has 20 years of experience in the industry, including ten years in senior roles with Berlitz International in California, Washington, D.C., and Canada, where she drove global accounts and managed a North American sales team. Paula speaks English, French and Dutch and is functional in German, Spanish and Russian. Educated in the United States and Belgium, she holds a BA in Russian and German with a minor in linguistics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Richard Sikes
Richard Sikes has been immersed in localization since 1989, having held senior localization management positions at several industry-leading software publishers. He now works as a freelance globalization management consultant and trainer. As well as his ongoing association with The Localization Institute, Richard is a Certified PASSOLO Trainer and is currently acting as director of sales and marketing for KCSL Inc., a web search and localization technology provider. He holds a B.A. in fine arts from the University of California, Irvine, Diplom Betriebswirt FH from the Folkshochschule Heidelberg, and an MBA from the University of Toronto. Richard has presented frequently on a wide variety of topics at Localization World conferences and the Gilbane Conference, and his articles appear with regularity in
MultiLingual magazine.
Rick Silva
Rick Silva has addressed international market needs and globalization issues in over 25 countries to maintain global investment portfolios. He has lived in Belgium, France and Ireland, where he established Novell’s localization presence in the 1990s. His 16 years in the localization industry have allowed him to go from doing localization engineering work to launching products across Europe and working with strategic customers and partners. He currently manages global strategy and localization for a division of Symantec. Rick earned his MBA degree and MIS undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University.
Willem Stoeller
Willem Stoeller has been involved full-time in software localization since 1992. He has been involved in project management his entire career. Willem’s project management "boot camp" consisted of ten years of information technology projects through Andersen Consulting followed by senior software development management positions with several US software publishers. He is a certified project management professional and a member of the Project Management Institute, Portland Chapter. He has taught localization principles at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and California State University, Chico,, both located in California.
Kirsten Sutton
Kirsten Sutton has worked on both the vendor and the client sides of the localization industry for more than 12 years. Her last nine years have been spent at Business Objects managing the company’s localization effort. All translations at Business Objects are centralized through Kirsten’s team, thus making her responsible for managing corporate-wide terminology along with all departmental translation needs. Her degrees are in linguistics and French cooking, and she finds that her chef certification often comes in handy at translation department meetings.
  Francis Tsang
Francis Tsang is the director of globalization at Adobe Systems Inc., responsible for the strategy and delivery of all localized product releases and the development of tools and libraries in the internationalization area. Francis spent the last 20 years building software for various international markets. He holds degrees in computing and business management.
Jaap van der Meer
Jaap van der Meer is a member of the Localization World management team. A cofounder and director of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), he is also cofounder and partner of Cross Language. Jaap started his first translation company in The Netherlands in 1980, and in 1987 he published the first desktop translation memory software. Jaap cofounded the SAE TopTec Multilingual Communications Conference for the automotive industry and was president and CEO of ALPNET.
Kirti Vashee
Kirti Vashee is vice president of sales, Americas and Europe for Asia Online. He is a seasoned IT sales and marketing executive and statistical machine translation (SMT) evangelist who was previously responsible for the worldwide business development strategy of Language Weaver. Kirti is an ardent believer in the potential of large-scale collaboration of human translation with SMT technology to change the world. He has established successful sales operations for several companies in Europe and the Asia Pacific region and has extensive experience developing motivated and effective distribution channels and partner networks. He received his formal education in South Africa, India and the United States.
  Ryan Warden
Ryan Warden has been involved with the BioWare localization team for four years. A trained programmer, he created conversation pipeline tools before joining the Localization Production team -- providing a comprehensive perspective on the difficulties faced by the game industry when preparing for multilingual sim-ships. He has participated in the localization of such award-winning RPGs as Jade Empire and Mass Effect.
James Wei
James Wei has been in the localization industry for more than ten years. He started his career as an electronic engineer working in CALVT (China Academy of Lunch Vehicle Technology). Then after three years of working with science and research, he decided to follow his interests in business management. After several successful management positions in the IT sector, he founded his own company, Beijing E-C Translation LTD, to meet the increasing market requirement in China as early as 1997.
Chris Wendt
Chris Wendt graduated as Diplom-Informatiker from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and subsequently spent most of his career in several globalization-related positions at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, including Windows, Internet Explorer and MSN. He is currently responsible for practical applications of machine translation (MT) across Microsoft, as well as language quality considerations for the MT engine itself.
Carsten Witte
For many years Carsten Witte managed the localization process for the Magnetic Resonance division of Siemens Healthcare in Erlangen, Germany. He started his career in the software business in 1991 after training in communication informatics at the Siemens-Nixdorf Business School in Kiel, Germany. Since then he worked in various positions and branches, including software engineering and program managing for industrial and military projects. His experience includes a variety of operating systems and programming languages. Currently, he works as a senior software architect.
Grzegorz Wójcik
Grzegorz Wójcik is a graduate of the faculty of computer sciences at Wroclaw University of Technology. In 1989, he cofounded MAGIT and in the early years was responsible for software development and project management. Since 1995, he has been involved full-time in software localization as the manager of MAGIT's localization and translation department, which focuses on projects for clients from IT, telecommunication, medical devices and multimedia areas. Grzegorz was involved in activities that ultimately led to forming GALA, and MAGIT is one of its founders. His interests include the integration of CAT/CMS tools, and the processes and techniques of team problem solving and creative thinking such as synectics.
Vanessa Wood
Vanessa Wood is the localization services manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. She started in the industry more than ten years ago and has played a key part in some of the most popular games released for PlayStation, such as The Getaway, F1, Buzz!, SingStar and God of War.
Marcin Zaremba
A graduate of the faculty of physics (M.Sc.) at the Warsaw University of Technology, Marcin Zaremba is currently working on a Ph.D. while teaching part-time. As the information technology manager at MAart, he is responsible for all IT systems and translation technology solutions. As a scientist, he specializes in control-measurement systems and data acquisition and has worked on "Pi of the Sky" and ALICE at CERN. He also has worked as a systems administrator for many years and has been with MAart since 2003. His fascination with electronic gadgets helps him solve many problems in the MAart server room. Marcin current works with nine complex integrated Microsoft system, but he is also an open-source solutions fan and contributes to OASIS and Unicode.
Angelika Zerfaß
Angelika Zerfaß holds a degree in translation (Chinese/Japanese) from the University of Bonn. She worked at the Japanese Embassy in Bonn, Germany, before joining TRADOS in 1997. She was responsible for the training and support for Microsoft projects using TRADOS tools (1998 in Japan, 1999 in the United States). Since 2000, she has worked freelance as a trainer and consultant for translation tools and related processes.
Jost Zetzsche
Jost Zetzsche is a translator, a localization and translation consultant, and a widely published author of books and articles on the technical aspects of translation. A native of Hamburg, Germany, he earned a Ph.D. in the field of Chinese translation history and linguistics, and began working in localization and technical translation in 1997. In 1999, Jost cofounded International Writers’ Group on the Oregon coast. In 2005 he helped launch TM Marketplace, a company that trades translation memories, and his latest endeavor is TranslatorsTraining.com, a site that offers in-depth comparisons of translation tools.


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