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Gilbane San Francisco: June 2-4, 2009 Join the discussion with industry experts from leading technology, enterprise IT, analyst and consulting firms who will keep you engaged and educated on the latest successful strategies, technologies and techniques so you can ensure your organization doesn't get left behind. Topics to be covered in-depth include: Web Content Management (WCM) - Content Globalization & Localization - "Enterprise 2.0" Technologies & Social Computing - XML Content Strategies - Collaboration, Enterprise Wikis & Blogs.
The European Language Industry Association (ELIA) is a non-profit association committed to representing the best interests of translation, interpretation and localization companies active in Europe by providing a forum for exchange, fostering the development of business relationships with fellow members and other related international organizations, and promoting the concept of ethics and quality standards throughout the industry. ELIA was created to embody a European need for an association of translation and localization companies that give its members opportunities for growth by organizing networking events which include knowledge sharing and training courses in business skills and development of market insights.
Humanity Interactive is delivering new levels of intelligent interactive services to the Business and Gaming sectors based on our ground breaking technology advancements in Facial Animation, Natural Language Processing and Text-to-Speech Animation. We deliver businesses Interactive Web Self Service and Knowledge Solutions that reduce your support cost while providing your customers an intelligent 24X7 web support agent. Our Interactive Marketing Solutions brings these same levels of intelligence and interactivity to your marketing efforts for a new levels engagement. In the Gaming sector we deliver a highly automated and cost effective base line of detailed facial animation data based off of our proprietary marker-less video capture and transfer processes that seamlessly integrated into your existing pipelines providing your animation team full artistic control over the final production.
prokomREPORT provides software checks, success stories and highly topical information on the topics of media-neutral data-handling and IT-based product and sales communications. - A pioneering publication for all professionals and managers, dealing with production, administration and processing of product-related communication issues.
marketing-BÖRSE The business directory marketing-BÖRSE is one of the biggest marketing platforms in the German language. Over 8000 specialized sellers from affiliate marketing, search engine-optimization as well as target-group analysis are represented. For every company, details such as press releases, white papers, memberships and activities are being displayed.
IT-DIRECTOR is designed as a business magazine and reports on economical solutions resulting from the usage of modern information and communication technologies. It adresses Chief Information and Process Officers as well as members of the board in upper medium-sized companies and large firms and groups. Its focus lies on cost-benefit analyses and the future prospects of IT investments, so that it is also read by opinion leaders such as consultants and analysts. Due to its high-value presentation, its excellent reports and its area-wide distribution, IT-DIRECTOR plays a significant role among German IT magazines in executive floors and IT-departments.
IT MITTELSTAND addresses the IT decision makers in medium-sized companies with 50 to 500 employees as well as in companies with up to 1.200 employees. Their revenues reach from 2.5 to 150 million Euros. To the target group belong IT officers and commercial members of the management, who are responsible for investments into the IT infrastructure. They are involved both in the planning and strategic alignments as well as the selection of IT bidders, products and solutions.
eCommerce Magazine The eCommerce Magazine deals with all aspects of electronic trading processes and their connection with internal or external IT infrastructures. These include, e.g., shop systems, e-procurement, e-payment, e-marketing, customer relationship management; auction systems, goods tracking, RFID, logistics systems, etc. as well as the corresponding infrastructure (e.g. transaction systems, point of sale systems, storage systems) and the necessary communication and integration technologies like EAI, mobile commerce, web services, security etc. In these fields the eCommerce Magazine provides solutions that are related to practice by presenting the business aspect and the use of the application.
Executive Certificate in Web Globalization Management This online program is offered by the Executive Education Program of the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University. It is designed for professionals involved with any aspect of conducting global e-business and e-commerce. The online program provides participants with the cutting edge skills to conduct international business in a networked global economy. Participants will learn strategies to leverage the web for tapping global markets, conducting international e-commerce, managing virtual teams, developing network alliances, getting high search engine rankings, attracting and retaining global consumers, achieving culturally consistent global communications and much more.
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