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Mike Abbott
Mike Abbott is a senior quality engineering manager and has been working at Adobe Systems for 15 years. Mike has a passion for localizing and globalizing software projects. At Adobe, Mike has run desktop, web and mobile quality teams, which include Photoshop.com, Photoshop Express for iOS and Android, Revel and Illustrator. Prior to working at Adobe, Mike worked in broadcast television for ten years as a producer, director and editor. Sessions: D7

Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola is a research scientist, consulting engineer and culture activist with wide-ranging experience in information and communication media systems as well as human language technology. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Lagos, an MS in computer science from the University of Wales and a PhD in information science from the University of Ibadan. As the executive director of the African Languages Technology Initiative, Tunde leads a team of research engineers, computer scientists, linguists and information scientists in adapting human language technologies for African languages. Sessions: A5

Cristina Alvarez
Cristina Alvarez has worked for Activision on 14 titles, including major franchises such as Guitar Hero®, Marvel™: Ultimate Alliance 2, Transformers™ and James Bond. She is a localization specialist and consultant as well as a lead audio designer. She has had experience on seven different game platforms, with a focus on voiceovers, localization implementation, localization quality assurance, as well as internal tool development. Striving to always push for better localization pipelines and delivery quality, she lives by her saying: “A good localization is so much more than a simple translation.”

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Coordinator, Sessions: P02

Manal Amin
Manal Amin is the founder and CEO of Arabize, a company working in Arabic localization since 1994. Manal graduated from Cairo University in 1983 where she studied political science. She also received a diploma in English/Arabic translation and interpretation from the American University in Cairo in 1984, and has attended many courses in management and international marketing. Manal worked for Sakhr (the first company to produce Arabic software) from 1985 until 1994 as a translator, editor, software content developer, technical writer and finally the publishing department manager. She participates actively in the Egyptian IT industry as a board member of the Chamber of IT (Egyptian Federation of Industries) and the ICT Export Council, and as an active member of other business associations in Egypt. Manal is an active participant in almost all of the international localization events and associations including LISA, GALA, ATA, The Localization Institute and is a council member of TILP. Since 2005, Manal has been an active participant in Pan-African localization communities, working in the transfer of localization know-how and training for African local languages.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: A8, F5

Sven Christian Andrä
Sven Christian Andrä has ten years of experience integrating language and information technology in large-scale environments. He was involved in other industries before entering the localization arena. After founding the German software company Andrä AG in 1999, he is now localizing the concept, product and company culture for the US market as CEO of ONTRAM Inc. Sven is one of the initiators of the Interoperability Now! initiative and is a strong believer in open communication as the key to real collaboration. Sessions: A1, D4

Simon Andriesen
Simon Andriesen is CEO of The Netherlands-based MediLingua, specializing in the localization and testing of medical technology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, clinical trial and other health-related information. He participates in an ongoing project for the Dutch government concerning translation quality and the readability of patient information, and coordinates and teaches courses on medical-pharmaceutical translation and medical writing. Simon is a member of the board of directors of Translators without Borders, with a focus on operations. He has been part of the localization community since 1980.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Member, Sessions: P01

Françoise Bajon
Françoise Bajon is the cofounder and general manager of Version internationale (VI) and the president of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA). She has more than 21 years of experience in localization. She cofounded VI in 1990 with Patrick Bajon who was already a veteran during this period of rapid expansion of the industry. A former teacher, Françoise is also very much interested in educating the industry as a whole in order to reach a more global maturity, a mission that perfectly fits ELIA’s. In France, Françoise is also a strong advocate of the profession with the perspective to bring added value to localization.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: C7

Jacques Barreau
Jacques Barreau studied music at Marseille’s conservatory in France, and after being awarded a gold medal in Electro-Acoustic Music, he was teaching at the University of Aix en Provence. As a researcher at the Music and Computer Science Laboratory of Marseille, he was already working on a new vocabulary for sound, a theory that he would apply a few years later with actors worldwide. At Warner Bros. (WB), as vice president of dubbing and subtitling, Jacques travels all over the world and is responsible for providing language conversion services for all WB business units. He has worked with a wide variety of actors of all nationalities and continues teaching voice placement techniques to ensure the integrity of WB’s animated celebrities.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: A4, P02

Michaela Bartlet
Michaela Bartelt started in the game industry as a German translator ten years ago. She is now the general manager for territory localization for Electronic Arts Europe and Asia. She has been either directly involved in or managing teams working on the localization of all major EA franchises such as FIFA, Need for Speed and The Sims.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Member

Diego Bartolomé
Diego Bartolomé is the CEO of tauyou <language technology>, a technological company that provides language service providers and companies employing internal translation teams with frustration-free solutions for machine translation, natural language processing and workflow automation, among others. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and an MS in management and business administration, and is passionate about how technology can make the localization industry significantly better. Sessions: B3

Adriana Beaton
Adriana Beaton, web globalization strategist at Citrix Systems, Inc., has worked in localization since the early 1990s. In her long career, Adriana has covered many roles, including linguist, project manager, program manager and globalization analyst working for corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Sage Software and Citrix, and for a few localization providers. This has given her a deep perspective on the challenges that large or small companies can face every day when trying to establish or consolidate a global presence. Her focus is globalization strategy with an emphasis on linguistics and cultures. Adriana has a degree in translation and simultaneous interpretation in Italian, English and French. Sessions: F6

Renato Beninatto
Renato Beninatto is currently the chief marketing officer at Moravia Worldwide and has over 25 years of executive-level experience in the localization industry. He has served on executive teams for some of the industry’s most prominent companies and cofounded Common Sense Advisory, the first market research company focusing on the language services space. Renato focuses on strategies that drive growth on a global scale. He specializes in making companies successful in global markets and in starting businesses that span across borders. Renato was the president and is currently an advisor to ELIA (European Language Industry Association) and is also a board member of Translators without Borders, a nonprofit organization that provides translations for non-governmental organizations. He is a frequent speaker on globalization and localization issues at industry events and universities around the world. Sessions: P12

Karin Berghoefer
As executive director of linguistic custom consulting at Appen Butler Hill, Karin Berghoefer supports international customers with individually tailored consulting and focused project management expertise. She has directed major corporations including Nuance, Research In Motion and Microsoft to solutions that bring their products to international markets by providing virtual teams of linguists and customizing quality control infrastructure and processes. With a global resource pool of 20,000 experts in 120 languages, Appen Butler Hill offers deep domain expertise in the areas of text, speech and search. Karin joined the Butler Hill Group 12 years ago and has recently supported the integration of Appen Butler Hill, which now also offers a wide variety of customized speech and language resources such as annotated corpora, lexica and language analysis documentation. She enjoys partnering with both new and established clients at all phases of the development cycle to ensure their products will be native and competitive in markets worldwide. Sessions: E7

Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino believes passionately in great quality game localization and has been working for the past few years on raising awareness on these issues within the game and localization industry, as well as within academia and translation studies. He is convinced that research into these topics will improve overall quality and turnover. He is currently lecturing in media translation in London and has several publications on translation and localization. Miguel was instrumental in the creation of the “Localization Summit” at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and is one of the advisors for its program. He is also a member of the International Game Developers Association and cofounder of the Game Localization Special Interest Group.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Co-chair

Devyani Bhattacharjee
Devyani Bhattacharjee, director of marketing localization at SAP AG Walldorf, Germany, is currently responsible for delivering processes and services to effectively localize global marketing programs and carry them to countries with complete regard and respect for local consumer expectations. Prior to this role, Devyani was director of e-channel marketing (online store and e-commerce) at SAP AG Walldorf, senior manager of competitive and market intelligence at SAP Labs Bangalore, India; and manager of retail measurement studies for consumer products in Indian marketing at ACNielsen Kolkata, India. Sessions: A8

Kerstin Bier
Kerstin Bier, localization manager at Sybase, an SAP company, is responsible for the localization of Sybase's mobile database and enterprise synchronization solution into European languages. She also develops and maintains XML/XSL-based documentation production processes. More recently, she initiated Sybase’s machine translation deployment. Kerstin joined Sybase in 1999 and became the European localization manager for Sybase iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, in 2001. Kerstin has been involved in localization for more than 15 years in various roles on the client and vendor sides. She holds a degree in applied linguistics and translation from the University of Saarbrücken, Germany. Sessions: P06

Renat Bikmatov
Renat Bikmatov is a senior localization project manager and MT\translation automation engineer at Logrus International. He joined the company in 1997 after a 15 year career in development of firmware and software for scientific equipment. He took the positions of translator, editor, terminologist and manager of complex localization projects with additional skills in localization workflow automation. Now he is also responsible for implementation of machine translation at Logrus. Sessions: B3

Micah Bly
Micah Bly has been working in the localization industry since 1995 as a Japanese translator, localization consultant, project manager, software architect and localization manager. Since joining Medtronic in 2004, he has been responsible for localization technology, quality procedures and vendor management for the global translations solutions department in Minneapolis. Micah's group manages the translation and localization of regulatory submissions, technical documentation, software user interfaces, training material and other documentation. As the architect of Medtronic's in-house translation management and quality assurance software, he is a firm proponent of the use of technology and localization industry open standards to lower long-term localization costs. Sessions: D4

Kathleen Bostick
Kathleen Bostick is vice president of the travel and hospitality practice at Lionbridge. Kathleen’s expertise in this area helps companies accelerate time-to-market and increase global market share in existing and new markets. She specializes in global websites, international search engine optimization, global social media, mobile marketing, and the management and recycling of multilingual content. Prior to this role, Kathleen was vice president of global marketing where she was responsible for setting the worldwide marketing strategy for Lionbridge’s global language and translation business unit, including developing a global social media strategy for Lionbridge. This role gave her a unique global perspective on social media marketing where she used her knowledge to develop innovative programs to connect with industry communities, clients, partners and analysts.

2012 Driving Global Growth Advisory Board Member, Sessions: P03

Wayne Bourland
Wayne Bourland is recognized in both the content management and localization industries as an agent for change, driving innovation and process efficiencies across global organizations. After a decade-long career in the US Army, he joined Dell, starting as a representative in the call center and quickly moving to managing call centers, launching call centers globally and then into content management and localization. He is currently responsible for the translation of Dell.com, support content, learning and development, and marketing collateral for more than 80 organizations across Dell. With no background in linguistics, he approaches the industry with a different perspective, focusing on end-value and customer acceptance versus traditional industry key performance indicators. Sessions: D5, F7

Andrew Bredenkamp
Andrew Bredenkamp is cofounder and CEO of Acrolinx. Andrew has over 20 years' experience in multilingual information development. Before starting Acrolinx, Andrew was head of the Technology Transfer Centre at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence language technology lab. Andrew holds degrees in technical translation and linguistics and a PhD in computational linguistics. He is on the advisory board of a number of organizations, including Translators without Borders and The Centre for Next Generation Localisation. Sessions: F7, T6

Magí Camps
Magí Camps has been the head linguist at La Vanguardia for the last 15 years. Founded in 1881, La Vanguardia is one of the main Spanish newspapers published in Barcelona. During the last year and a half, Magí has led the project of issuing the newspaper in two languages, Spanish, as always, and now Catalan. He is the coordinator of the editing team of translators and linguists and also the contact with Lucy Software and Incyta, the two companies that have collaborated with La Vanguardia, providing the translation software and post edition. Magí holds degrees in Catalan, and communications and media. Sessions: A4

David Canek
David Canek, a graduate of translation and comparative studies, received his education at Charles University in Prague, Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Vienna. His professional experience includes business development and product management roles in the technology sector and the translation industry. He currently holds the position of CEO at MemSource Technologies, a software company based in Prague, the Czech Republic. Sessions: B3

Genséric Cantournet
Since 2007, Genséric Cantournet has been the vice president of cross processes and projects at Telecom Italia Group in Italy. Objectives of his position include elaboration, evaluation and monitoring of security processes at the corporate level; coordinating risk prevention, crisis management and security with international public administration relations; strategic business opportunities; profit and loss and compliance. His mission is to guarantee the corporate interests, making sure to protect human, infrastructural and immaterial resources and to rationalize and make the corporate processes and cross projects more effective. Genséric is also in charge of EU funding and implementation of statutory and commercial standards, financial sustainability, as well as international Sarbanes-Oxley and compliance standards. Sessions: K1

Michael Cárdenas
Michael Cárdenas is president and founder of Local Concept, an international corporation based in San Diego with 20 years' experience (that's 140 in dog years!) in technical translation and localization. He has taken Local Concept from a small translation company to a full-service content management solution corporation servicing clients around the world. Michael is an active member of the Computer and Electronics Marketing Association (CEMA), the San Diego Software Industry Council (SDSIC), the American Translators Association (ATA) and past member of the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA). He serves on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and is a frequent speaker at international conferences, government agencies and universities. An active speaker on localization, Michael travels the globe addressing best practices in the industry. He has made presentations to international audiences at LISA, SDSIC, CEMA and the ATA. He also coordinated an international conference on tools and technology to help do more, faster and cheaper. Sessions: B3

Christophe Chenon
Christophe Chenon is currently in charge of innovation, technology scouting, terminology and quality programs at the IBM France Translation Center in Paris where he has conducted the deployment of machine translation technologies and monitored its integration into the current localization process. As an expert in multilingual information management and related tools, he has gathered a thorough knowledge of industrial realities in the translation business as well as a real practice at reconciling user expectations with technical constraints. Christophe defended a PhD thesis in computer science on statistical machine translation in 2005. Sessions: A2

Angelica Mulokozi Christin
Angelica Mulokozi Christin was educated in Tanzania and the United Kingdom, and briefly worked as a lawyer in her native Tanzania before changing career paths that culminated in translation. Today she is part of the Tanzanian permanent delegation to UNESCO, which provides a liaison between the Tanzanian government and the UNESCO secretariat. Based in Paris, France, Angelica also continues to work as a translator, concentrating increasingly on translations into Swahili that are related to areas of public service and IT/telephony. A committed volunteer for not-for-profit organizations such as Translators without Borders (TWB), she serves on the TWB education committee. Sessions: A5

Derek Coffey
Derek Coffey, vice president of technology and professional services at Welocalize, has over 20 years’ experience delivering technology services in a variety of industries, with the last ten years spent in the localization industry. As the vice president of technology at Transware, Derek played a key role in the acquisition of the GlobalSight Corporation and its Ambassador TMS in 2005 and has spent the last four years managing the development and strategic deployment of the Ambassador TMS. Following the acquisition of Transware by Welocalize in 2008, Derek has worked with the expanded GlobalSight team at Welocalize to open source the Ambassador product, rebranding it as GlobalSight TMS. He also serves as a GlobalSight advocate, helping industry participants understand how to make best use of the technology. Derek holds an honors degree in business and IT from Trinity College Dublin. Sessions: P11

Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman has been working in localization and internationalization for 14 years with Corel Corporation and Research In Motion. He has established and worked with many different localization workflows and models in both the desktop and mobile environments. Sean is currently the localization lead for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Sessions: E7

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind is a recognized force in the European language industry landscape. She has spent the last 20 years helping multinational organizations solve their language issues by occupying executive sales and management positions at leading service, technology and market research companies. Anne-Marie is the CEO of Inkrease, a management consulting company based in Sweden, assisting companies in their growth and development strategies. She runs fundraising activities for Translators without Borders and organizes localization and technology events in Scandinavia. Sessions: D7, E5, P12

Helen Colquhoun
Helen Colquhoun is a physician with more than 20 years' experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Her expertise includes strategic regulatory affairs including negotiations with regulators on claims and clinical study designs, international clinical study design and management, drug and device safety monitoring, combination product development (drug delivery, drug-device combinations and biologics) and assessment of commercialization opportunities. Helen completed a degree in genetics and then studied medicine. She worked in general medicine and general practice for several years before joining the pharmaceutical industry. Helen worked for “big pharma” for six years and then as an independent consultant working with emerging companies for five years. She is currently the CEO and a founder of Pleiad, a contract research organization specializing in providing regulatory, quality and clinical services for manufacturers of medical devices and ophthalmic products. Helen’s main project responsibilities at Pleiad include medical input to clinical research projects (study design, interactions with key opinion leaders, protocol/investigational plan development, data interpretation, safety management and reporting), medical monitoring, crisis management assistance and negotiations with regulatory authorities. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Helen was among the first in the UK to be awarded the CCST in Pharmaceutical Medicine in February 2006, which means that she is accredited in the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine. Sessions: P01, P01A

Simone Crosignani
Simone Crosignani worked as a video game journalist for 15 years before moving to the marketing department of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He now works for Binari Sonori, which provides audio services for the entertainment and communication industries.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Co-chair

Moti Daswani
Moti Daswani is currently the director of business development for remote care with St. Jude Medical France. He has previously held the positions of business development manager for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and marketing director for atrial fibrillation/cardiac rhythm management with the same company. Prior to joining St. Jude Medical France, Moti occupied various international marketing positions in the cardiac rhythm management field. He is a biomedical engineer by training (Université de Technologie de Compiègne — UTC) and also holds an MBA from INSEAD. In his role as subject matter expert for remote care monitoring, Moti has reviewed and tested numerous localized remote care platforms deployed by St. Jude Medical in francophone countries. Moti's focus on the optimal use of remote care, still considered an emerging technology, incorporates his passion for delivering superior patient care with his keen awareness and support of the importance of localization to achieve this goal. Sessions: P01

Heidi Depraetere
Heidi Depraetere has over 20 years of experience in the localization and language technology industries. She is a cofounder and director of CrossLang, a privately owned consulting and systems integration company dedicated to translation automation technology. Heidi is familiar with the evolution of the industry from desktop CAT tools to continuous translation, from commercial software deployment to open source solutions. User-centric machine translation evaluation is an area of active interest. She has created and worked with international teams from different nationalities throughout Europe and the United States. Heidi holds a degree in linguistics from the University of Leuven and is based in Gent, Belgium. Sessions: P06

Julie DiRosa
Julie DiRosa has a background in marketing and management, and has worked in government, financial and advertising sectors in Canada. She is also a certified English corporate trainer. Julie is currently the international project manager at tcworld GmbH and organizes the international conferences in technical communication. Sessions: T5

Alberto Ferreira
A professional localization project manager with over five years of experience in the industry, Alberto Ferreira has overseen the complete centralization of database and content management internal systems at OneVision Software AG, successfully integrating cutting-edge agile principles in the company's native backend and development workflow and structuring. He has now taken this know-how to Avira Operations, where his work in localization encompasses agile integration, process definition, terminology management, team communication, guidelines definition and graphical user interface design adaptation. Sessions: C8

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha
Nancy Ferreira da Rocha is a localization quality manager at Spil Games. She is responsible for the optimization of user experience and the delivery of branded but locally relevant products to a global user base. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Nancy graduated with a degree in translation in 2002. She moved to The Netherlands in 2004, where she has several years of experience in the adaptation of global marketing and advertisement campaigns to local markets. Sessions: P02

Simona Ficcarelli
Simona Ficcarelli is a software manager in the localization services team at Autodesk and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Simona started working at Autodesk in 1999 as a software localization engineer and currently manages the Autodesk software localization engineering team based in the United States and Switzerland. Simona studied in Italy at the University of Milan and holds a master’s degree in computer sciences. Sessions: C7

Marie-Louise Flacke
Marie-Louise Flacke is a graduate of the Technical Writing Program from the American University of Paris. Her professional skills and interests range from DITA authoring to bid writing, readability indices and eye-tracking. She also provides technical writing courses at various French universities, focusing on minimalism and usability testing. In 2011, Marie-Louise designed the first technical writing e-learning program in French. Additionally, she has been involved in upgrading and downsizing the documentation supporting air traffic controllers’ management systems and, more recently, she evaluated the legacy documentation of a medical device organization with a view to migrating to DITA. In 2012, she launched a documentation design project to assist the Brussels-based EU Council in implementing new human resources software solutions. Sessions: T4

Mark Flanagan
Mark Flanagan has worked with many of the world’s largest organizations throughout his career to help them successfully create, plan and execute their global revenue objectives in diverse industries spanning IT, transport, media, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, life sciences and management consultancy. Mark is the director of global sales at VistaTEC, having held a number of senior sales and marketing positions in a career spanning almost 15 years. Mark is responsible for VistaTEC's sales and marketing strategy and also directly manages a number of VistaTEC's key accounts. He has a bachelor of commerce degree with a marketing major and a postgraduate degree in marketing from the University College Galway, Ireland, and is a regular speaker at industry events around the world.

2012 Driving Global Growth Advisory Board Co-chair, Sessions: P03

Isabelle Fleury
Isabelle Fleury is a tekom board member and managing director of Fleury & Fleury Consultants, an independent consultancy specializing in multilingual information management. She supports exporting companies and language service providers in optimizing their organization, processes and technologies and consults on the topics of management of text and media creation, as well as translation. Sessions: T3

Michael Fritz
Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences and a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He has worked for several associations and was the head of an institute for lifelong learning. Since 1996, he has been the chief executive officer of Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V. tekom. Since 2001, he has also been the chief executive officer of tcworld GmbH, a company providing services for tekom. Sessions: T1

Denis Gachot
Denis Gachot serves as the chief executive officer of SYSTRAN Software Inc., a subsidiary of SYSTRAN S.A. He also serves as director of SYSTRAN S.A. Denis graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He started his career in the chemical engineering industry in Chicago, Illinois, and then started an automotive-related business in Detroit, Michigan. Since 1986, Denis has been managing the subsidiary company of SYSTRAN S.A. in the United States. Sessions: B3

Ray Gallon
Ray Gallon is an independent consultant specializing in the convergence of user guidance, content strategy and usability. He has worked with companies, big and small, in eleven countries on three continents. Ray is a member of the international board of directors of the Society for Technical Communications (STC) and is a past president of STC France. He is a frequent speaker on technical communications and media themes, is the author of numerous articles for anthologies, journals and reviews, and teaches university courses in technical communication. He shares his life between the Languedoc region of France and the city of Barcelona, Spain. Sessions: T2

Mauricio Garza
In the language industry since 1993, Mauricio Garza has worked as a translator, project manager, quality manager, vendor manager, consultant, business development manager and sales director for large and small companies in the industry. His experience on both the vendor and buyer sides of the industry created the drive to work as a sales optimization consultant offering a multilayer, multidimensional approach to the challenges companies may face regarding the commercial aspects of their globalization strategies. With the perspective of efficiency through simplification and a markedly service-oriented approach, Mauricio acts as a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker, adding value to companies all over Europe. Sessions: P04

Salvatore Giammarresi
Salvatore (Salvo) Giammarresi is currently the localization director at Yahoo! During his one year tenure at Yahoo!, he has centralized all localization functions, teams and budgets across Yahoo!, winning executive support and positioning his team as a strategic growth and expansion partner within Yahoo! Salvo manages a team responsible for localization program management, internationalization and localization functional quality assurance (QA), vendor management, localizability engineering and linguistic QA. Previously he was vice president of products at HomeGain.com, an independent localization consultant, director of international product management at Move.com, senior localization manager at Kana Software and engineering program manager at Electronics for Imaging. Salvo holds a PhD in applied linguistics from the University of Palermo, where he has been a visiting professor teaching localization, computer-assisted translation tools and global product marketing. He has published several papers on localization, machine translation, CAT tools and applied linguistics. Sessions: E6, F7

Daniel Goldschmidt
Daniel Goldschmidt is a senior internationalization program manager at Microsoft in the business platform division. Prior to joining Microsoft, Daniel cofounded RIGI Localization Solutions, a venture in the domain of visual localization. Previously, he served as a senior software engineer for the Google Internationalization Team, working on the Google Localization Framework. As a senior professional in the field of software and content globalization, he has extensive experience in the internationalization and localization of large-scale enterprise applications and projects. Daniel serves as vice chair of the Localization World program committee, chairs the Worldware Conference program committee and presents frequently at international events. He holds a BS in computer sciences and mathematics (cum laude) and an MS in computer sciences, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2012 Paris Program Committee Vice-chair, Sessions: C2, C5, C8, P08

George Gombas
George Gombas, a sales improvement consultant for over ten years, has been helping corporations and individuals to be successful in sales and sales management. He has been very active in developing and delivering many of the services delivered by CustomerCentric Selling® Europe and has also influenced the workshop content, leveraging close to 20 years of sales and leadership experience. George knows how to conceptualize and execute a new business strategy into a winning company and has done it numerous times — from startup companies to worldwide organizations with offices in nearly 100 countries. Prior to cofounding CustomerCentric Selling® in Sweden and Europe, George spent almost 20 years in the IT industry with many successful years as a seller, sales manager and country manager. Regardless of title, his heart has always been in sales. He has diplomas from IHM (Institute for Marketing) in Stockholm, INSEAD in Lausanne and Henley Business School in the United Kingdom. Sessions: P12

Laura Gómez
Before joining Twitter, Laura Gómez worked at several startups in San Francisco. She also contributed to ad operations initiatives for YouTube across Asia Pacific and Latin America, focusing on Brazil specifically. At Twitter, Laura has helped build the community translation model into 22 languages while also growing product localization across the platform. Currently, she is working on maintaining the half million translators engaged through education and incentivizations, and helping to build tools to make Twitter available in more languages through Twitter's translation center. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree from the University of California, San Diego. Sessions: A3, E1, P02, P03

Laura Gosselin
Laura Gosselin is the director of technical communications for Waters Corporation. Her responsibilities include the authoring, publishing and translation of technical documentation as well as the localization of many software user interfaces. Laura has enabled Waters to drive its international commercialization plans while lowering total cost of ownership for internationalization support services. From eliminating costly homegrown localization technologies to having her vendor ecosystem managed by a third party, she has left no stone unturned in her effort to build efficiencies into her work program. Her current goal is to integrate authoring practices with localization technologies to lower cost by focusing on quality at the source English material. Sessions: C1, P01, P01A

Paulette Haedo
Paulette Haedo is the manager of global e-commerce at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Ltd., headquartered in Miami, Florida. Her primary focus areas are, web brand consistency, website globalization, search engine optimization, translation management and content management across five regions supporting 15 countries for the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises® and Azamara Club Cruises® brands. Prior to joining the global marketing team, Paulette was a project/product manager with global business solutions Information technology at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Prior to joining Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, she worked at Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Lines and Amadeus. With over 25 years of travel industry experience, she is an expert in the field offering a diverse perspective for global solutions. Sessions: A3

Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan has a BA in foreign trade from Egypt. He was first introduced to localization when he joined Arabize in 1998 as an accountant, then worked as a DTP specialist, technical support and tester. In 2000 Mohamed worked as a project manager, then as a client relations manager and most recently as a business development manager. Sessions: A7, B3

Ulrich Henes
Ulrich Henes is the president of The Localization Institute, which he founded in the fall of 1996 because he saw a serious lack of quality training and learning opportunities in this important area. He has been involved with localization, first as an international sales and marketing manager (also serving as a localization manager) for a US software company and then as president of the American office of a British localization agency. He is a coorganizer of the Localization World conferences.

2012 Paris Program Committee Chair, Driving Global Growth Advisory Board Co-chair, Sessions: D5, D8, E1, P03

Manuel Herranz
Manuel Herranz is a double graduate in Hispanic and English from Manchester University. A mechanical engineer at a quality assurance department in the early 1990s, he combined engineering and linguistics to start a career as a language consultant for engineering firms in the United Kingdom. This period included the delivery of engineering training courses at Ford's Valencia plant, Giddings & Lewis/ThyssenKrupp in Liverpool and Rolls Royce Industrial and Marine in Spain and Argentina, as well as spells as a voice-over artist for the BBC and Granada TV. His consultancy firm merged with the BI Corporation Japan in 1997 and he became a partner and technical director at the European subsidiary BI Europe in 2000. Manuel re-vamped the European brand in 2005 as Pangeanic, a language service provider (LSP) specializing in multilingual localization and publishing specializing in the electronics, technical and engineering industries. A firm believer in language automation, Manuel directed ISO qualification and rule-based machine translation (MT) implementation for patent work. Since 2007, he has directed research and development for customized statistical machine translation deployments in-house. Now fully committed to the spin-off Pangea.com.MT, Manuel uses the Pangeanic experience to design the most independent, open standard implementations of Moses customizations available and has built several integration modules around the open-source tool and hybrid features. His dream is that any LSP, translation department or translation client should have a self-learning MT tool integrating with the company's workflow and in open standards. Sessions: P06

Brigitte Herrmann
Brigitte Herrmann has more than 20 years of experience as a usability and globalization manager with Siemens. After completing her Ph.D. in neurophysiology and human genetics, she worked from 1989 to 1999 at the Siemens Corporate Department, Usability Interface Design Center. In her first position as head of the Siemens central physiology lab, she was involved in professional usability and requirement engineering for all Siemens product lines — from hearing aids to power plants, from hardware to software — establishing usability tests on an international scale, from the German market to international markets such as Asia and India. She also worked on internal style guides, for example, common human interface, localization handbook, the look and feel handbook and terminology process guideline. In 1999 she joined the Siemens Healthcare IT sector, what is now the Siemens Healthcare imaging and therapy sector, business unit SYNGO. Moving on to Siemens Healthcare, one of the real tough quests in her career was the development of true multicultural user interface solutions. Her very first globalization projects were Asian and European software versions for computing tomography and magnetic resonance (support of seven standard user interface languages). Brigitte's current responsibilities are focused on software and documentation localization for the Siemens Healthcare imaging and therapy software syngo® (syngo.via, syngo MultiModality Workplace and syngo.plaza). She leads localizationprocess improvement initiatives, is an internal process consultant for the complete software localization process and is also the lead auditor during audits of the company’s localization,authoring and IT vendors.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Member

Bruno Herrmann
As director of globalization, Bruno Herrmann is currently responsible for global content operations across six regions and more than 100 countries at The Nielsen Company, focusing on global product and content design, and management as well as on international customer experience. He joined The Nielsen Company in 2003 to manage multiple international content and digital marketing programs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Previously, he managed online globalization programs at Hewlett-Packard and various content management initiatives in addition to web localization projects at Compaq, both at EMEA and global levels. Prior to joining Compaq, he worked in the marketing communications and localization industries as a consultant, linguist and program manager, taking part in major international projects for high-profile technology clients. Bruno has been a practitioner, change agent, thought leader and strategist in global information and product management areas for nearly 20 years. He is a regular speaker, moderator and workshop leader at international events around the world. Sessions: A3

Lofti Herzi
Lotfi Herzi is vice president in the global product development group at Yahoo! He is originally from Toulouse, France, but is now settled with his wife and three children in California where he works at Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale headquarters. Sessions: E6

Fred Hollowood
Fred Hollowood is currently leading an internal research group at Symantec focused on deploying language technologies. His research interests include controlled language, machine translation and community collaboration. Fred is a member of the innovation team that drives the innovation effort inside his division. He has a 20-year history in the industry starting at Xerox through his current position at Symantec, with experience on the vendor side in between. Fred is currently the industrial supervisor for several PhD students with Dublin-based universities. Workflow solutions for localization challenges are another key area of interest, as is research into community collaboration with enterprises. Sessions: F7, P06

Christopher Hughey
Christopher Hughey is executive vice president at EC Innovations, a Beijing-based localization services and technology provider. He began his vendor-side career in localization as a project manager. Before moving to the vendor side, Christopher worked in the supply chain management software space. Now based in Boston, Christopher has worked and lived in several countries over the years. He holds a cand. mag. (BA) degree in languages from Universitetet i Bergen (Norway) and a graduate certificate in international business from the University of Massachusetts. He is also a PMI-certified project management professional. Sessions: A6

Brenda Inman
Brenda Inman, a technical writer and Author-it system administrator at St. Jude Medical in Sunnyvale, California, writes manuals for patients and medical professionals and manages the Author-it content management system. Brenda started her career in the medical device industry in 1992 with Medtronic working in the areas of clinical research, regulatory affairs and technical writing. She has been at St. Jude Medical since 1998. She holds a BA in physics from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sessions: D1, P01

Richard Ishida
As W3C Internationalization Activity lead, Richard Ishida is striving to make the worldwide web worldwide. The Internationalization Activity works with W3C working groups and liaises with other organizations to help ensure universal access to the web regardless of language, script or culture. Richard has also increased internationalization-related education and outreach while at the W3C. He is on the Unicode Conference board and the Unicode Editorial Committee. He is the coordinator for the MultilingualWeb network, a European Commission funded project reviewing standards and best practices enabling multilingual use of the web.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: P09, P10

Gregor Kneitz
Gregor Kneitz is a senior program management lead and the development fundamentals chair for the Microsoft Business Platform Division (BPD). During his 14 years with Microsoft (Germany and United States), he has worked with premier customers’ support, office localization and internationalization, e-learning localizability and localization, and SQL Server localization. In his current role, Gregor leads a team of program managers who support all Microsoft BPD teams (that is, SQL, BizTalk, SQL Azure) with the implementation of globalization and localizability. As fundamentals chair, he coordinates the engineering process stage-gate criteria for the SQL engineering system, the BPD implementation of agile development. Gregor holds an MBA degree from the University of Washington – Bothell. Sessions: D2

Hui May Koh
Hui May Koh is the senior vendor manager of localization services at Autodesk and is responsible for vendor management and strategy. Located in Singapore, Hui May joined Autodesk in 2003. She has been involved in localization for more than 17 years in various roles both on the client and vendor sides. Prior to joining Autodesk, Hui May held various management roles in production and project management at Alpnet, Inc., (now SDL) in their APAC headquarters located in Singapore. Sessions: A6, D8

Richard Korn
Richard Korn, the senior manager of localization and packaging development at St. Jude Medical in Sylmar, California, oversees the two teams who offer software localization, testing and labeling services to the company’s cardiac rhythm management division. Richard also serves on the advisory board for the medical device localization round table at Localization World. He started his career in localization at Berlitz Translation Services in 1995 and managed the localization services for an interactive multimedia company before joining St. Jude Medical in 1999. Richard holds a BA in psychology and French from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an MA degree in international relations and cross-cultural communication from American University in Washington, D.C.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Co-chair, Sessions: D1, P01, P01A

Sandra La Brasca
Sandra La Brasca is the solutions development director at ForeignExchange Translations Inc., a leading provider of medical translations. In her role at ForeignExchange, Sandra advises clients on new processes and technologies to improve their overall return on investment. Sandra has been working in the field of globalization/translation/localization for 20 years. In her career, Sandra has played many different roles from translator to project manager to account manager and production manager, and as such she has a thorough knowledge of all areas in the field. In one of her roles, she was in charge of deploying a globalization infrastructure for a Fortune 500 company where she acted as a consultant. In addition to working on the technical aspect of the program, this effort also involved a globalization implementation plan that spanned 72 countries and numerous writers, developers and business owners across the company. A native of France with a Sicilian background, Sandra now lives in Louisville, Colorado.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Member, Sessions: P01, P01A

Yves Lang
Yves Lang, a 20-year veteran of the localization industry, began his career as a translator, worked extensively with project management groups and spearheaded the concepts of account management and total customer satisfaction as applied to the localization industry. Yves is a sought-after speaker and frequent presenter of educational webinars. At ENLASO, he leads the sales and marketing teams, and manages many of the company’s largest accounts. Yves speaks three languages fluently and holds a master’s degree in modern applied languages from a French university. He is an avid tennis player and extreme freestyle skier, and has traveled on each continent. Sessions: F5

Mary Laplante
Mary Laplante has 25 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting. As vice president at The Gilbane Group, a division of Outsell, Inc., she oversees Gilbane’s consulting practice, manages research projects, contributes editorial content and participates in Gilbane conferences and other industry events. As senior analyst, she is active in Gilbane’s globalization, XML and web experience management coverage. Sessions: A3, C6

Andrew Lawless
Andrew Lawless is a globally renowned expert and thought leader in global content management and content localization. He is the founder and president of Dig-IT!, the premier consulting practice in Washington, D.C., for global web content management and translation process automation for web content. Dig-IT!'s clients include Agilent Technologies, Laureate International Universities, Mimio/Rubbermaid, The Nature Conservancy, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, VeriSign, Waters Corp, The World Bank and others. Andrew also manages the globalization series of the Web Managers Roundtable in Washington, D.C., the thought exchange platform for the web industry’s leaders and authorities that draws participants from the D.C. area’s most prominent corporations, associations, nonprofits and government agencies. Andrew has active top secret security clearance with the FBI. Sessions: C1, P01, P01A

Quynn Le
Quynn Le has been with Adobe for over 13 years. In this time she has been extensively involved in localization and internationalization projects including program management duties and leading the international engineering efforts for the simultaneous multilingual release of Photoshop and the agile development of Photoshop.com. She has participated in defining the internationalization guidelines for web projects and has recently taken on an international program management role for Photoshop.com and Adobe Carousel. Sessions: D7

Cedric Lemarchand
Cedric Lemarchand is a manager for GE Healthcare. He leads a global team of 55 people that are in charge of the creation, maintenance and distribution of technical publications. The team is responsible for the ownership of the applications. Sessions: T7

Marc Lestrade
Information coming soon!

Jacques Levy
Jacques Levy has had several positions in the IBM globalization organization. Formerly responsible for globalization operations for the EMEA Geo, Jacques is currently managing translation operations in France, Greece and Turkey. Before joining the globalization team, Jacques had management positions in sales, business partner management, and support and product development programs. Jacques has recently been appointed as a court legal expert to the Court of Appeal of Paris for disputes related to the internet and multimedia industry. Sessions: A2

Christian Lieske
Christian Lieske works for SAP in the area of internationalization and translation. He is actively involved in standards activities driven by OASIS, the W3C and others. Due to his background in computer science and computational linguistics, he enjoys internal consulting and project work related to NLP and XML, as well as general authoring and localization issues. Sessions: E5

Silvia Listl
Silvia Listl is the terminology and linguistic quality management manager at Autodesk. She manages a global team and is responsible for defining the linguistic quality strategy for Autodesk’s localized products. During her 18 years in the localization industry, Silvia has held several positions as project manager, translation manager and localization manager on both the vendor and client sides. Prior to joining Autodesk, she was the localization manager at CNET Channel where she defined the strategy and process for data and content delivery in 11 languages for electronic product catalogs for the IT and consumer electronics market. Silvia has a translation degree from the University of Mainz (Germersheim), and holds a Master’s degree in business administration. Sessions: C7

Gustavo Lucardi
Gustavo Lucardi has over 15 years of internet marketing expertise and is a pioneer in multilingual search engine optimization (SEO). As the COO of Trusted Translations, Gustavo actively works in all aspects of production, sales and internet marketing. Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, he has grown Trusted Translations’ online sales by over 1,000% per year. In addition, he has advised Fortune 500 companies in defining their online marketing strategy in multiple languages. Gustavo has spoken at several conferences, including W3C’s Multilingual Web in Pisa, Italy, this year. Prior to his tenure at Trusted Translations, he was a key member of the team that launched the first online edition of the largest Spanish-language newspaper, Clarín and also the most important portal in Latin America, El Sitio. Sessions: P06

Michael Manago
Information coming soon! Sessions: T8

Catherine Mbeng
As localization marketing director at SAP, Catherine Mbeng is responsible for the overall localization strategy and planning of key strategic marketing programs across countries. Catherine has 13 years’ international marketing experience in the IT/software industry. She has developed a successful leadership track record in strategic global and regional marketing roles driving and managing demand generation marketing campaign development, localization and end-to-end execution across geographical markets to impact the sales pipeline. Catherine has a rich international experience growing up with five languages in seven countries across continents. She has an insatiable appetite for connecting with people through their cultures. She is passionate about localization: “It’s not just about speaking the language, it is also about meeting people where they are.” Sessions: A8, P03

Markus Meisl
Markus Meisl heads the central corporate translation team for German and English at SAP, which is part of SAP Language Services. Since joining SAP’s implementation methodology group in 1998, Markus has covered various roles within knowledge and product management, ranging from translation and coordination of technical documentation, product definition and early training, to rollout and partner relations. In the 1990s, Markus worked as a freelance translator and interpreter in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he became involved in his first localization projects. Markus holds a degree in conference interpreting for German, Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Heidelberg. Sessions: E5

Olga Migchels
Olga Migchels is responsible for web content management and member relations at TAUS. Most recently, she was an English teacher for five years at a secondary school where she was responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating curricula and curriculum materials. Olga is a linguist and a lover of language who has studied Dutch and Spanish as well as English language and literature for education. She has also held successful roles in international sales and has worked as a freelance translator. Sessions: P06

Maarten Milder
Maarten Milder studied translation at the University of Amsterdam and has 25 years of experience in the localization industry in a variety of functions on both the demand and the supply sides. Maarten has worked for companies such as AkzoNobel, INK/IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, Dun & Bradstreet Software, Stream/Philips and Bowne Global Solutions. He is currently responsible for the Central and Eastern European languages and desktop publishing teams at Medtronic’s technical literature group in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Member,

Fabio Minazzi
Fabio Minazzi graduated in physics with a strong background in digital audio technologies. In 1988, he pioneered audio production for interactive media at Philips. In 1994 he was one of the founders of Binari Sonori Srl, a company that soon specialized in media localization for the entertainment industry and built a worldwide network of recording studios. Fabio has designed audio-editing software for the Digidesign platform and has been a localization project leader for games and professional software published by reference clients such as Microsoft, Capcom, NAMCO BANDAI and Mattel. Fabio is currently responsible for the business development of Binari Sonori operations in Asia. Sessions: P02

Marion Mordenti
Marion Mordenti has worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP) since 1997, originally as a consultant for the creation and design of localized in-country gateways for HP products. Marion joined the globalization team, as localization project manager in 2000. She is now responsible for managing the HP terminology and defining terminology strategy. Marion graduated from Grenoble University and holds a master's degree in linguistics. Sessions: D6

Sharon O'Brien
Sharon O'Brien is a lecturer in translation and language technology at the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, Dublin City University. Her research interests include the measurement of cognitive effort in translation and post-editing of machine translation output via eye tracking and keyboard logging, translator interaction with technology, process-related research and research methods, controlled authoring of content and so on. Sharon’s teaching centers around practical translation (French and German to English), research methods, translation theory and localization. She is affiliated with the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies and the Centre for Next Generation Localisation. Sharon previously worked as a language technology specialist in the localization industry. Sessions: P05

Stephanie O'Malley Deming
Stephanie O’Malley Deming is a software development producer, consultant and operations executive with over 15 years of experience in worldwide, award-winning educational and entertainment products for companies including Activision, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, Capcom and 2K Games. She specializes in localizations and has successfully sim-shipped hundreds of language versions of high profile titles including the Call of Duty® series, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™, NBA 2K series and League of Legends among many others.  Stephanie founded XLOC, a company that offers web-based applications for easy localization management, and works as a production consultant for interactive game companies.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Member

Michael Oettli
Michael Oettli is the managing director of European operations at nlg GmbH, a global language service provider specializing in the health care industry, combining language matter expertise with customized processes and innovative technology solutions. Michael has over ten years’ experience in the translation industry, starting as a freelance translator, leading sales, marketing and client services and now being in charge of operations.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: D1

Iris Orriss
Iris Orriss is director of the release and international team for the business platform division at Microsoft. Her team’s charter comprises release management, engineering process development, international product planning, globalization and localization of products such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, AppFabric Azure and BizTalk Server. Iris’ experiences include software engineering and business management with a focus on international development and localization at different companies from start-up to Fortune 500. She is passionate about lean and agile processes on a large scale, quality at source and simultaneous time-to-market. Sessions: E6, F7, P08

Jose Palomares
Jose Palomares is a consultant and trainer with over 13 years of experience in the localization industry and the founder of OpenMints, a localization engineering and tool training provider. A professional translator and certified localization engineer himself, he has helped to localize hundreds of products for Windows, Mac OS, web, content managing systems and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. After working on both buyer and language service provider sides, Jose now enjoys helping the two of them analyze their needs and design the best possible workflow. Sessions: C2

Donna Parrish
Donna Parrish is coorganizer of the Localization World conferences and publisher of the magazine MultiLingual. Prior to joining MultiLingual Computing, Inc., in 1997, she was a computer programmer for 25 years and, before that, a mathematics teacher. Donna holds a degree in mathematics from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. She is presently the secretary of Translators without Borders.

2012 Paris Program Committee Vice-chair, Sessions: A6, C4, D2

Nick Peris
Nick Peris is a senior workflow manager at VistaTEC. He is responsible for consultation, design and deployment of translation memory system solutions. With experience in linguistic review and quality control for both solution providers and clients, Nick has an excellent understanding of the challenges involved in terms of technology and process. As a translation technology enthusiast, he also runs a well-known industry blog. Nick originally studied economics in Lyon and joined the localization industry in the late 1990s, soon after moving to Dublin. Sessions: P02

Jennifer Perkins
Jennifer Perkins is the life sciences solutions specialist for Lionbridge. She works with medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech clients to assist with the challenges of translation and localization in a regulated environment. Jennifer has worked in the labeling and localization field for over 18 years as a technical writer, localization project manager and manager of technical communications and medical device labeling departments. Previous to her role at Lionbridge, Jennifer was the package labeling manager at Boston Scientific, responsible for managing the label development and localization activities for the endosurgery division. She was also the technical communications manager at CaridianBCT where her team led a successful implementation of a fully integrated XML CMS/TMS system. Sessions: D1, P01

Addison Phillips
Addison Phillips is the globalization architect at Lab126, which created the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. He is the current chair of the W3C Internationalization Working Group, co-author of IETF BCP 47 (Language Tags), and a member of the Unicode Editorial Committee. Addison has been active in internationalization and localization for over twenty years. Sessions: P10

Pascale Pierre
Initially at Nortel and now coming full circle with the latest in mobile communications at Research In Motion, Pascale Pierre has been championing French language quality in high-tech companies since 1990. In this time, she has had a number of software localization-related roles including translator, terminologist, tester and localization project manager. Pascale is currently a localization quality analyst for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and BlackBerry® handheld devices for the French markets. Sessions: E7

Gustav Praekelt
Gustav Praekelt is the founder and CEO of South Africa-based Praekelt Group, a leader in mobile platforms for developing and emerging markets. On completion of his BA in computer science and philosophy, Gustav cofounded one of Africa’s first digital interactive studios and was its technical director for ten years. His belief in the power of mobile phones to transform Africa inspired him to establish the Praekelt Foundation in 2006. This social business develops robust, highly scalable mobile solutions for social good, and projects emerging out of Praekelt Foundation have already reached over 50 million people across 15 countries in Africa. Gustav’s work at both Praekelt Consulting and Praekelt Foundation saw him named an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2010 and invited to become part of the faculty for PopTech’s Social Innovation Fellows Program. Gustav is a passionate advocate of the idea that mobile technology should be available to all. He is a frequent speaker at a variety of international and African conferences. Sessions: K2

Jessica Rathke
Jessica Rathke has 18 years of experience in localization sales, sales management and marketing for leading language service providers (LSPs) in the United States and Europe. She is currently the managing director at Localisation Sales & Marketing, a London-based sales and marketing consultancy that provides strategic and tactical sales and marketing services to help LSPs differentiate themselves, improve sales efficiency and increase revenue. Prior to her career in localization, Jessica was marketing communications manager at Fujitsu-ICL Systems. Before that, she served as international sales and marketing consultant at Coastal International, where she spearheaded the US market entry for several European IT companies. Jessica holds an MBA and degrees in foreign affairs and German from Miami University in Ohio. She also did post-graduate studies in German at the University of Salzburg. Sessions: P12

Roni Raulwing
Roni Raulwing is a veteran localization manager currently responsible for globalization and international search engine optimization at Informatica. She was previously an international program manager for Adobe Systems, where she managed localization for Adobe System’s mobile division. In addition, she was responsible for managing NetApp’s international websites and also worked with 24/7 Real Media where she was a senior account manager for search engine marketing. She has a BA from the New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury and is expected to receive her MS from Northeastern University in 2012. Sessions: F5

Rebecca Ray
Rebecca Ray has focused on designing, testing, adapting and marketing software outside of the United States since 1980. She has managed worldwide product design, localization and marketing for successful products sold internationally by IBM, Netscape Communications, Remedy Systems, Symantec Corporation and Sun Microsystems. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish and proficient in Portuguese and Turkish. In her work at Common Sense Advisory, Rebecca’s primary focus is enterprise globalization, social media, multilingual SEO and global product development. Her other coverage areas include outsourcing, testing, multimedia localization and internationalization. A former Rotarian scholar and Silicon Valley veteran, Rebecca was most recently managing editor for the Localization Industry Standards Association. During her tenure, she oversaw all of the association’s research and publications. She also coauthored a book for global high-tech companies on doing business in the United States. Based in Turkey, she has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America for many years. Sessions: A5, A7, E2, E3

Laurent Reber
Laurent Reber has over 12 years of experience in the localization industry. He joined Autodesk in 1999 as software quality assurance engineer and led the localization testing of multiple flagship products. Laurent has been active in the field of business intelligence since 2007 and currently holds the position of business intelligence manager. He has been driving the design and implementation of the business intelligence solutions used by localization services at Autodesk today. Sessions: D8

Antoine Rey
Antoine Rey started his career in localization in 1997 and has held various technical and management roles in the industry. Antoine joined Welocalize in 2002 and is responsible for Europe and Asia business development. Antoine is a French native and holds an MS in information technology and a BA in international business and communications. Sessions: A1

Frank Rojas
Frank Rojas is responsible for technology strategy within IBM’s worldwide translation operations with specific responsibility of integrating translation automation across the entire IBM translation supply chain. Frank has over 20 years’ experience in the translation service being responsible for internationalization, Tivoli localization manager, IBM’s end-to-end translation process management, as well as suppliers and all aspects of the worldwide translation operations. He has also integrated business analysis methods used to measure productivity, quality and efficiency improvements in professional translators’ environments. In his history, Frank has contributed to X Windows internationalization design and specification, was author of the X/Open Layout Services (BiDi) and helped develop the Japanese Input Method for the original AIX operating system. Sessions: A2

Oliver Rosenthal
Oliver Rosenthal joined OgilvyOne as the managing director in May 2010. He was a former managing director at Saatchi & Saatchi Germany where he started as head of interactive in 2006. Two years later the interactive unit was fully integrated and Oliver became the managing director. Previously, Oliver was senior account manager at argonauten G2 in Berlin. He started his interactive career in the year 2000 with Interone Worldwide (formerly Kabel New Media) in Hamburg.

2012 Driving Global Growth Advisory Board Member,

Dean Russell
Dean Russell is the European social media director for LEWIS PR, a leading global communications agency. A former physicist, Dean has worked in leading agencies in the digital and communications industry for over 12 years. During this time, he has developed integrated strategies for global brands across most sectors. Dean has contributed regularly for publications ranging from PRWeek and Times Higher Education to the Health Service Journal and he writes a regular column for ThirdSector along with feature articles for Cue Entertainment. He is a former special advisor for the British Interactive Media Association and an annual judge for the British Video Association Awards (dubbed the UK Oscars for home entertainment). Due to his contribution to the industry, Dean was appointed as a volunteer champion for the Media Trust, the UK's leading communication charity, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. Sessions: P03

Libor Safar

Libor Safar is the marketing manager at Moravia Worldwide, located in the company's headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. He has localization and translation industry experience spanning 19 years. Libor joined Moravia in 1995 and has held various translation, production, sales, marketing and other management responsibilities in Europe and Japan during the company's growth to one of the top 20 language service providers globally today. For the past several years, he has focused on developing Moravia's services in the life sciences sector. Libor holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Brno University of Technology, and an MBA from the Open University in the United Kingdom.

Sessions: P01, P01A

Nico Sallembien
Nico Sallembien is an engineering manager working on internationalization at Twitter. He has in-depth experience of the localization and internationalization process. At Twitter, he built the community translation platform at http://translate.twttr.com and localized all Twitter products using this new translation infrastructure. This helped launch Twitter in 28 languages while maintaining the existing languages’ quality through two major redesigns of the site. He previously worked in similar roles for Google, Ariba and Borland.
Sessions: E1, P02

Diana Sanchez
Diana Sanchez leads the operations department at Nova Language Services where she has taken an active role in the implementation of machine translation and interoperability initiatives. She joined the company after holding various translation management and production positions in the United States and Spain, including L.A. Care Health Plan and NTRglobal. With over 12 years of experience coordinating and managing large-scale projects aimed at improving translation and interpretation processes, Diana has been an active member of ATA and CHIA, taught cultural immersion programs at ESEI Business School and worked as a workflow consultant for Kaiser Permanente. Diana holds a BA in Spanish from California State University and a translation technologies graduate degree from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Sessions: B3

Ben Sargent
Ben Sargent has worked in the language services industry since 1989, serving in operations, consulting and marketing roles at companies such as Lionbridge, iXL, Bowne Global Solutions and International Communications. He also helped to found and manage several venture-funded, high-tech start-ups. In his work at Common Sense Advisory, Ben’s primary focus areas are website globalization, translation management systems and content management technologies. He also consults for Global 1000 brands and global technology vendors. He has lived in France and has recently traveled to China, Canada and Western Europe. Ben has formally studied French and earned a degree in music theory and composition in 1983. Sessions: E2, E3, F6, P03

Hajnalka Sarvari
As senior lead international project manager, Hajnalka Sarvari manages the localization of products in Microsoft’s Business Platform Division (BPD). She joined Microsoft in 2005 and has since been part of the BPD international team. Hajnalka graduated from Kossuth Lajos University in Hungary with an MA in English linguistics and history. She has been working in the localization field in three different countries across two continents for over a decade through various roles such as translator, language specialist and project manager. Hajnalka is passionate about establishing an efficient localization process while maintaining high quality and simultaneous time-to-market delivery. Sessions: D2

Rashmi Schaefers
Rashmi Schaefers is the senior director of digital channel localization at SAP AG, headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. She is responsible for the localization, maintenance and optimization of websites and marketing assets in 70+ countries and 28+ languages. With over 15 years of experience in managing international marketing and roll-out programs in the software industry at companies such as Oracle and Sybase, Rashmi is an expert in the localization field and a genuine thought leader. She holds a degree in economics as well as a degree in international relations from the University of California, Berkeley.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Driving Global Growth Advisory Board Member

Clio Schils
As the moderator of the Localization World life sciences round table sessions, Clio Schils is in charge of organizing and moderating life sciences-related sessions for clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and clinical branches. For content and agenda, she is advised by an expert life sciences advisory board, with participation from Siemens Medical, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic and others. In parallel and after working nine years for Medtronic Inc., she joined Lionbridge where in her current capacity she is in charge of developing, maintaining and further intensifying the current partnerships of Lionbridge with its life sciences customers. Clio holds an MA in interpretation and is fluent in Greek, Dutch, German, English and functional in French.

2012 Life Sciences Advisory Board Co-chair, Sessions: P01, P01A

Babs Sekel
Babs Sekel is the manager of marketing processes and localization at Agilent Technologies, Inc. She brings over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing planning and project management to her role. Babs leads a global team responsible for the localization of key strategic customer-focused communications for both the chemical analysis and life sciences divisions of Agilent. She is currently leading initiatives to improve worldwide localization operations, vendor management, terminology management, quality and automation of localization processes. Sessions: C1, P01, P01A

Paula Shannon
Paula (Barbary) Shannon serves as the CSO and co-general manager of Lionbridge’s $300M global localization and translation division. She drives new services and sustainable solutions, develops strategic accounts and ensures the continued delivery of innovation and execution excellence to a broad range of Global 1000 customers. Paula joined Lionbridge in 1999 as vice president of internet alliances and assumed additional responsibilities in 2001. Prior to joining Lionbridge, Paula was the chief marketing and sales officer for ALPNET, Inc., now SDL. She has more than 23 years of experience in the industry, including ten years in senior roles with Berlitz International in California, Washington, D.C., and Canada, where she drove global accounts and managed a North American sales team. Paula is fluent in English, French and Dutch, and functional in German, Spanish and Russian. Educated in the United States and Belgium, she holds a BA in Russian and German with a minor in linguistics from McGill University, Montréal, Canada. In 2004, Paula won the coveted International Stevie Award as “Best Sales Executive.” The IBA's are the first global, all-encompassing business awards program honoring great performances in the workplace. Almost 500 nominations from companies and individuals in more than 30 countries were submitted for consideration. Paula was recognized for her outstanding leadership and sales achievements in 2003 and her continued commitment to innovation, integrity and excellence. In 2006, she was honored with a Women in Business award as “Best Canadian Executive.” In 2008, Paula was named to the "Women in the Lead — Femmes de Tête,” a Canadian national directory of more than 600 women whose professional expertise and experience recommend them as candidates for corporate board appointment. Sessions: D5

Pavel Simsa
As a certified PMP, Pavel Simsa has been delivering international software for Microsoft and Avaya for over twelve years. During those years, he designed many processes to cope with new trends and technologies on both the development and management side of the process, such as introduction of the .NET platform to localization or adapting the agile approach to localization. Pavel is currently responsible for the international releases of Avaya’s portfolio of mobile products end-to-end, and owns process design for international aspects of new development techniques. Sessions: E8

Sándor Sojnóczky
Sándor Sojnóczky is the managing director of Hunnect Ltd. Prior to the establishment of Hunnect Ltd. in 2003, he held a position as management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers at its London and New York offices. Sándor holds BA degrees in English, Russian and financial economics, and he is a certified member of the British Institute of Translation and Interpreting. In addition to the management tasks of Hunnect Ltd., Sándor is a lecturer in several faculties of the Translator and Interpreter Training Programs at the University of Szeged, and he is a regular speaker at linguistic conferences. Sessions: P06

John Terninko
John Terninko is the executive director of ELIA (European Language Industry Association), a nonprofit association for language service providers, focused on providing support for its members by acting as a catalyst for communication between companies in the industry and offering continuing education opportunities to help them grow. He is relatively new to the language industry and has been with ELIA for over two years. Previously, he served as the program director for a nonprofit environmental organization. Sessions: D6

Genet Tesfaye
Genet Tesfaye is the owner of Ethiopia's leading translation company. She is also an English-Amharic translator. Sessions: A5

Lori Thicke
Lori Thicke is cofounder and CEO of Lexcelera (Eurotexte Group). Established in Paris in 1986, Lexcelera was the first localization company in France to receive ISO 9001 quality certification. Today, Lexcelera is an innovator in translation technology and a leader in machine translation services. Lori also cofounded Traducteurs sans Frontières (1993) and Translators without Borders (2010) to provide pro bono translation services to humanitarian organizations. By donating millions of words of professional translations each year, Translators without Borders ensures that aid groups working in crisis situations can dedicate more of their resources to caring for people. Lori, who holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia, is a frequent speaker on translation innovation and on the power of translation to unlock knowledge for the world’s most disadvantaged people. Sessions: A5, T6

Alison Toon
Alison Toon manages Hewlett-Packard's (HP’s) translation program, a transformational initiative that embraces all of HP. Alison manages the enterprise translation management architecture team within HP Digital Strategy and is responsible for the tools, operation and business processes used for managing all translations for HP and for ensuring multilingual content flows for global content management.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: D4

Francis Tsang
As the senior director of globalization at Adobe Systems Inc., Francis Tsang is accountable for the strategy and delivery of technologies, products and content to drive the worldwide customer success and company growth. He is also leading an effort to develop new businesses for the emerging markets. Sessions: F7

Michał Tyszkowski
Michał Tyszkowski graduated in biology from the University of Wroclaw. In 1997 he received his PhD in natural sciences. In the same year, after a short period of work at the Medical Academy, Michał switched to the translation and localization industry. Initially, his company specialized in localization services for IBM. In 2000, he developed a cooperation with many Polish and foreign entities and served as president and vice president of several companies. Michał is currently a founder and CEO of Centrum Lokalizacji C&M. He is the author of many software solutions supporting the work of translators and proofreaders, as well as machine translation tools. Michał is active in the Polish Association of Translation Companies. Sessions: B3

Dmitry Ulanov
CTO at Janus Worldwide, Dmitry Ulanov is focused on creating value through the use of new technology and process automation. He has been involved in localization since 1998, starting as a translator in one of the major localization companies in Russia. Dmitry has held several positions with Janus Worldwide since joining the company in 2008. His current projects include machine translation implementation, improvement and maintenance of the translation collaboration portal, computer-based training modules for Janus’ staff and clients and he serves as the technical brain trust for all things technical. Sessions: B3

Stuart Umpleby
Stuart Umpleby is an experienced business leader with a core focus in customer life cycle management and strategic business development and international experience gained through running sales and delivery operations in the Americas and Asia Pacific. Stuart’s current position as commercial services director at Applied Language Solutions gives him global responsibility for language services for customers in all major regions. Sessions: P02

Bodo Vahldieck
Bodo Vahldieck is a senior localization manager at Autodesk Sàrl. He is responsible for the localization quality management for all localized product releases at Autodesk. Bodo has spent the last 20 years building software localization processes and software localization solutions and tools for various Autodesk localization projects. He holds a degree in civil and architectural engineering, and is able to operate many of the 35+ localized Autodesk products to create and visualize design ideas in these applications. Sessions: C7, P08

Jaap van der Meer
Jaap van der Meer is director of TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) and the TAUS Data Association. Jaap is a language industry pioneer and visionary who started his first translation company in The Netherlands in 1980. In 1987, his company INK published the first desktop term extraction and translation memory software. He inspired and funded the founding meetings of the LISA organization for the localization industry, and he cofounded the SAE TopTec Multilingual Communications Conference for the automotive industry. He was president and CEO of ALPNET. Jaap is a regular speaker at conferences and author of many articles about globalization trends, and technologies and translation.

2012 Paris Program Committee Member, Sessions: B1, B2, B3, B4, P05, P06

Laura van Nigtevegt
Laura van Nigtevegt is currently working as the head of localization at Spil Games, one of the world’s largest publishers of online casual games. She ensures that engaging content is accessible to a global audience in their native languages. The online world is her natural habitat. Before Spil Games, Laura worked for Google as a Dutch language specialist and editor for MAGIX AG. She likes to encourage others to think outside of the localization box, such as driving initiatives to deploy alternative quality evaluation models for colloquial content.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Member, Sessions: P02

Gergely Vándor
Gergely Vándor has ten years of localization industry experience. He started his career as a translator and software localizer at Moravia, where he quickly became a language lead. He gravitated toward the technical aspects of translation and after spending a short time as a translation technology consultant, he landed at Kilgray where he holds the title of life cycle manager. For the most part, Gergely is involved with practical interoperability matters, software quality assurance and maintaining some of the document filters. He has also had some contributions to the design and code of the memoQ translation environment. Sessions: D4

Andrejs Vasiļjevs
Andrejs Vasiļjevs is the cofounder and chairman of the board of Tilde, a leading Baltic language technology and localization company. He is a member of the Commission of the Official Language of Latvia and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Programme. Sessions: B4

Blanca Vidal
Blanca Vidal is the customer support manager at Lucy Software Ibérica SL. With over 15 years of experience in the field of machine translation (MT), she participates in the set-up and deployment of MT implementation projects in production processes and is responsible for the subsequent customer support. She studied English philology at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and holds an MS in knowledge-based systems from the University of Sussex (UK). She started working as a computational linguist in the development of the Siemens METAL system then held several responsibilities in quality assurance and product development. Sessions: A4

Hajo von Kracht
Hajo von Kracht, director of digital channel localization at SAP in Zurich, Switzerland, is responsible for capturing and transforming the local web requirements of 70+ countries into action. Hajo has 40 years of experience in various international functions of IT in development, training and marketing. He holds two master‘s degrees, one in computer science from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and one in philosophy from the University of Tübingen, Germany. Sessions: A2, A8, P03

John Watkins
John Watkins has an extensive background in product engineering and localization, having worked in international business for over 22 years. During his career, he has been involved in software product development, software engineering, business process engineering and legal/HR policies and procedures. He spent ten years in Europe working at an international government agency to make the skies safer for air travel in 22 languages. He has an MS from the University of Cincinnati. Sessions: C6

Lorna Whelan
Lorna Whelan started her career in localization in 1998 and has held various technical and management roles in the industry. She joined TripAdvisor in 2009 and is in charge of localization. Previously, Lorna held positions at Sun Microsystems and Welocalize. She holds a BA in languages and computer science. Sessions: A1

Dion Wiggins
Dion Wiggins is the CEO of Asia Online, the developer of the Language Studio™ suite of automated translation technologies. He is a well-known pioneer of the Asian internet industry and the founder of one of Asia’s first internet service providers in Hong Kong. Dion was also vice president and research director for Gartner and founded The ActiveX Factory where he was the recipient of the Chairman's Commendation Award presented by Bill Gates for the best showcase of software developed in the Philippines. He was also recognized by the US government for being in the top 5% of his field worldwide. Sessions: B2

Vanessa Wood
Vanessa Wood is the localization services manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. She started in the industry more than ten years ago and has played a key part in some of the most popular games released for PlayStation, such as The Getaway, F1, Buzz!, SingStar and God of War.

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board Member

Tim Young
Tim Young is a senior operations manager of the Enterprise Translations Services Group at Cisco Systems. He’s responsible for leading the translation services and localization strategy for Cisco globally and participates in several boards and councils that drive global process and operational efficiencies. His innovative approach has streamlined Cisco’s localization processes, established foundational capabilities through a global shared-services strategy and common enterprise architecture. This has provided Cisco with enormous cost-savings opportunities and ultimately improved Cisco’s ability to address global business requirements and sustainable routes to market. Tim has over 16 years’ experience in the high-tech and networking industry and joined Cisco in 2000. Sessions: E8, F7

Amr Zaki
After 20 years of experience in computer engineering, programming and quality engineering, Amr Zaki joined Saudisoft as technical account manager in January 2011. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in 1991 and started his career as a software developer, joining Microsoft in 1999 as a software development engineer in testing. In 2001, Amr joined Microsoft Gulf as test manager for Arabic Windows and was promoted to subsidiary program manager in 2003. In 2008, he created a testing team at Microsoft Egypt, reporting to the Windows international team responsible for handling right-to-left languages. Amr is currently working on his EMBA and is expected to finish in 2012. Sessions: C4

Andrzej Zydroń
CTO at XTM International, Andrzej Zydroń is one of the leading IT experts on localization and related open standards. Andrzej sits or has sat on many open standard technical committees. He has been responsible for the architecture of the essential word and character count GMX-V (Global Information Management Metrics eXchange) standard, as well as the revolutionary xml:tm (XML based text memory) standard. Andrzej is also heading up the new OASIS OAXAL (Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization) reference architecture technical committee that provides an automated environment for authoring and localization based on open standards. Andrzej has worked in IT since 1976 and has been responsible for major successful projects at Xerox, SDL, Oxford University Press, Ford of Europe, DocZone and Lingo24 in the fields of document imaging, dictionary systems and localization. Andrzej is currently working on new advances in localization technology based on XML and linguistic methodology. Sessions: D4


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